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Paint Nite with a "TWIST"

"TWIST" on Paint Nite

Katharines’ Smart Art Events!!

What to Expect

A three hour session that includes everything you need to complete a large 16″ X 20″ painting on canvas… paint, brushes, easel, an apron to protect your clothing and instruction. Accidents may happen so wear something that you won’t mind getting a little paint on.

We’ve teamed up with the best venue in the Okanagan,  —  So bright, lots of room and quiet.  

No Art or Painting experience needed!!  Your instructor, Katharine Almas, has over 112 years (so she says) of experience as an artist, muralist and instructor.

All you have to do is follow Katharine’s instructions as you paint, step by step. She will even let you in on a few tips and share some painting techniques.

Please use our contact page to ask any questions!

Join us at a Smart Art paint party Event!!

Looking for fun things to do in the Okanagan? Do you love painting and art? Do you want to learn more about painting your own art? Do you want to meet new people? If you said yes to any of these, you’ll love our painting parties!

Join us at one of our monthly events! Smart Art paint parties are a great time to socialize — whether you’re arriving solo, part of a group, or attending a Private Paint Party — we assure you everyone will have an awesome time!  It’s simply a great time to make new friends at our paint events.

Meet some new people while you’re at it! And don’t forget, you always get to bring the memories home from this party —  your very own piece of original art, painted by you!!!!

To join in the fun, check our events calendar for all of our upcoming events and get your tickets!!

Smart Art History!!

Our company, Katharines' Smart Art, is owned and operated by local Okanagan artist, Katharine Doyle Almas. It is a locally run B.C. business, based in Lake Country, British Columbia.

While paint ‘n sip parties are a natural fit for the Okanagan — given that the Okanagan is home to some of the best wineries anywhere — the history of our Smart Art Events business begins with a broader history. We didn’t invent the model! Rather, painting parties as we know first sprang up in New Orleans in 2007 by Painting With a Twist — where two women started running them to bring people together after Hurricane Katrina. That same model was then later revised by the more widely known Paint Nite franchise.

One of the important differences between us and Paint Nite is that we are not a American corporation, we’re the exact opposite — a small B.C. startup in the Okanagan Valley run by the same artist that hosts the events. We’re about as home grown as it gets.

What also sets us apart, is that we’re closer to a painting class in so many ways. We do a lot of one-on-one tips and training during our painting events and we create a vibrant community of painters at each session. We encourage discussion and interaction between our painters,  making it fun, informative, open, and supportive.

In a sense, we’re closer to the original paint party inspiration — community and bringing people together!!

As a local business, our community truly matters to us. We deeply appreciate all the support we’ve received throughout the Okanagan valley; especially from all of the artists who have attended our events.

The mission of Katharines' Smart Art is focused on offering truly valuable events filled with painting, fun, and friends in the Okanagan! That’s what we are all about. Join with friends while socializing and painting in a relaxed social atmosphere.