Katharines' Smart Art
Paint Nite with a "TWIST"

Time to Shake Things Up

Outside the Box

Looking for something to do that’s little new and different? Time to shake things up a little? Smart Art is a great idea — a step outside the box without going out on a limb. Making art offers something different and unexpected, every time; and it’s always a fun time.

Smart Art Events are for beginners and even pros to have fun and experiment with art; you’ll be learning new techniques and maybe even seeing the world in a new light!

The Smart Art goal is to design an event that is comfortable, relaxing & most of all fun!  Side effects?  Discovering that there is a budding artist in you, desperately trying to get out.  So we are together for a few hours creating a pleasant memory.  But I want you to leave our events with something permanent.  That means of course learning.  Your take home kit will include step by step instructions for this painting if you decide to paint at home.  But during our time together you will be taught - Not interested?  That's OK too, just don't listen.  Learning technique gives you a more satisfying end result.  The more you understand what you are doing & why the easier it becomes.  Don't worry you will not be assaulted with technical info for two hours.  But if you have questions they will be answered.  If you are having problems they will be fixed.  Your equipment is chosen to give you good results.  I can't tell you how often I have seen someone trying to paint with a brush that should be residing in the garbage.  Does that person blame the brush?  No they just think they are not good enough to paint that line or stroke.  The shape of the bristles on the end of your brush is what you get.  Make sense?  of course.  So if your brush is damaged or the wrong type - the end result has to be disappointing.  Look to the materials you are using first before blaming yourself.  In fact, blame yourself last, quality of materials? light in the room? too much noise? not enough? too many interruptions?  tired? hungry? if all else fails blame your pet.  Your dog or cat will not mind being told it is their fault that your tree looks like a pole.  They love you anyway.  We all know that beating ourselves up is the national if not world wide pastime.  You cannot blame yourself for something that you haven't learned yet.

I'm talking of course to painters at the beginning of this journey - all others know all this.  Confidence can take a long time with painters.  The important message here is to overcome doubt in yourself.  Lock up your inner critic (at the very least a gag).  You are painting for the sheer pleasure of expressing the creativity you were born with - and OMG it's fun!!!