Katharines' Smart Art
Paint Nite with a "TWIST"

Come Paint with Us

Our goal is to show you that painting in a group is fun, relaxing, and is actually beneficial for our everyday lives. No matter if you’re left-brained or right-brained, we believe that you’re at your best when you get to exercise both sides of your brain. A visit to “Never, Never Land” is so relaxing and refreshing.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention “art” … is it going to a gallery or auction? Let Smart Art broaden your mindset – we want to take you back to the fun you had back in grade school before your day-to-day adult life took centre-stage. By simply experimenting with color and painting, you can express a whole range of emotions. And no drawing skills are needed!

We want you to experience painting in a friendly, casual atmosphere – we provide the canvas, unlimited acrylic paints, & supplies, plus access to our self-serve coffee/tea bar to stimulate your creativity. Don’t know how to paint? Don’t worry – our certified instructor and her helper are always there to help!

First timers often come in not knowing what to expect but they end up loving the new experience and are delighted with the paintings they leave with. Get ready to impress with a solo visit, creative painting date, girl’s night out, family day out, birthday party or team building event. Let’s paint and have fun!

We’ve always loved the concept of creating a space where people can go to hang out, unwind and paint. When we first heard of Paint Nites, we couldn’t wait to go to it and experience it for ourselves.

We found the concept to be an excellent idea, but as we ourselves like to paint during the day with awesome natural light we decided to come up with a new concept. Then, when the opportunity came to rent the Lake Country 55+ Activity Center, we couldn’t pass it up!

In July 2019, Katharines’ Smart Art was born. Here we have the perfect venue with lots of room, natural light and quiet, so that we can have fun in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where we can socialize and paint to our hearts content.

So we came up with a paint nite with a "TWIST"  Painting the SMART ART way!!

Between the two of us, we have the skills and education in art and business management to give you an awesome afternoon’s experience.

Our intention is to maintain the existing concept of a laid-back fun place where great memories can be made with family and friends. Our vision for Smart Art moving forward is to allow art to be used as a tool to encompass and centre the mind, body and soul. Our continued hope is to show people that painting in a group can be non-intimidating and fun, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before