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How it Works.

Ever wondered what the sip and painting hype was all about? Why are people coming out in droves to try their hand at painting? Are they artists? What’s the big deal, right?

Well, if you haven’t been to one of our Smart Art events, you wouldn't know why we are one of Okanagan's top things to do! Our number #1 goal is to bring fun and creativity to our guests and we always ensure we deliver!  And, all of our events are designed for the beginner Picasso.  We know how to take care of you and your guests!

  1. We post an Event online and provide a private link for you and your guests to buy tickets
  2. You show up, create a masterpiece and have an awesome Brunch and tons of fun!

If you need customer support, we are here to help. Please contact us to book a private paint party, buy tickets over the phone,  or any other inquiry.

We  look forward to hearing from you!

website: https://KatharinesSmartArt.ca

email: info@katharinessmartart.ca




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